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Price, Service & Availability 


The prices are per apartment week, so not per person

Upon arrival a deposit of € 100,00 is to be given to Daphne. The deposit will be returned at departure, provided that nothing is broken or missing in the house. 

Prices are in Euros per week, regardless the amount of people in the apartment, excluding a mandatory final cleaning (Information about the cleaning costs will be discussed per email).

The prices per week are fixed, however for a long rental period negotiation about a discount is possible.

Usage of electricity (so also Aircon) and water is free of charge until a certain limit, anything above this limit you will pay yourself. During our own stays we always remain under the limit that we set as 'normal'.
Normal usage electricity (until 10KwH per apartment per day)*

Normal usage water (until 0.5 m3 per apartment per day)**

 *   More than 10KwH? Per KwH 0.25 Eurocent extra payment. 

** More than 0.5 m3 water? Per 1 m3 2,50 extra payment.


Below the planning for 2015 for Upstairs can be found (updated 21.07.15)









Villa Daphne  |  info@villadaphne.nl