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Castle Restaurant, Kaleici Antalya

We, Marianne and Theo Klumpers bought Villa Daphne in March 2005 with the intention to partially live in Antalya. The Villa was rebuilt in 1999 in Ottoman style. In 2005 another renovation occurred so that downstairs and upstairs can be inhabited separately. Since then we have lived in the Villa already many times with great pleasure.


We offer the Villa for rent. The procedure can be found on the page Contact.


We also have another website (Dutch) which is mainly about genealogy, one of our hobbies. If you go to the website and click on the link 'Vakantiehuis' and then 'Informatie' you will find more information about Antalya, Turkey and more pictures of the Villa.

Villa Daphne  |  info@villadaphne.nl